The Mineral City Show
Jan 27 - Feb 11, 2023
Mineral show Dedicated to Collectors
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The Mineral City Show venues
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Plata St Plata St 13th A v e 14th A v e O r acle Rd L ester St L ester St C A F E B D SG
Building A
516 W Lester Street, Tucson, Arizona 85705, USA
A13B CRISTALLI by Ricardo Prato A13A Alan's Quality Minerals A12 Saga Minerals & Ziga Mineral A11 The Focal Crystal A16 Hoffmann Minerals A10 Crystal Springs Mining Company A9 Collector's Edge A7 Wendel Minerals A5 Spirifer Minerals A3 Wendy's Minerals A6 Matrix India A4 Dave Bunk & Lithographie A1 Crystal Classics A2 The Sunnywood Collection A8 Nimeral MinLab A17 Natural Creations A15 Dusted77 Fine Minerals & Proper Gems A14 Paul Botha L ester St 13th A v e WC
Building B
532 W Lester Street, Tucson, Arizona 85705, USA
L est er S t W C B14 Mineral Angel B13 Crystal Cantina B12 Mineral Angel B11 Geofil OFFICE B10 Jonathan Mineral Exchange & E Mineral B7 Gavish Minerals B5 Zac Bell B9 Qixing Minerals B8 WeMinerals B6 Álvaro Lúcio Minerals B4 Geo Rocks B3 Dennis Beals Minerals & Mountain Minerals B1 Luis Burillo Minerales & Amatistas B2 Polychrom Minerals
Building C
531 W Plata Street, Tucson, Arizona 85705, USA
Plata St C1 ITECO C3 Peter Muller C4 Earth's Treasures C2 Grateful Earth Minerals C7-C9 Stonetrust C8 Merveilles De La Terre C10 Opalescent Daydreams C6 Lithos Minerals C12 Capistrano Mining C15-C17 Cal Graeber & Leonard Himes & Geokrazy Minerals & IC Minerals C13 Geonica C11 Way Too Cool C5 Rock 3000 WC WC
Building D
525 W Plata Street, Tucson, Arizona 85705, USA
Plata St D20 J-Cubed Fine Minerals D18 Rocko Minerals D31 Rudolph Minerals D33 The Crystal Circle D35 Well Arranged Molecules D39-D41 Miner's Lunchbox D43-D45 Samora Minerals D42 DMS Collective D40 Reel Amethyst Mine D38 Mintang D36 Peace of Mind Minerals D34 Barnett Fine Minerals D32 Pinnacle 5 Minerals D44 Shicheng Minerals D24-D26 Foxtail Gallery D28-D30 Heritage Auctions & Pohl Demetrious D23-D25 Shannon and Son's Minerals D27-D29 The Adelaide Mining Company & Anton Watzl Minerals D10 Geonica D12 Valenzuela's Minerals D14-D16 KARP Mining D15 Webminerals & Viettiminerals D13 Marco Tironi D11 Pyritas de Navajun D9 Axinite D7 Little Big Stone D5 Webminerals & Viettiminerals D3 Crystallize D1 Donald K. Olson and Associates D2 Investments from Earth D4 Persson Rare Minerals D8 Loye & Lemon Minerals D21 Bruce Wood Minerals D22-D37 Unique Minerals D19 Green Mountain Minerals D6 Brazarte Minerals D17 Mineral'ys & Escaut Minerals WC WC
Building E
445 W Plata Street, Tucson, Arizona 85705, USA
13th A v e Plata St WC WC E2 Mexican Minerals E4-E6 Schwartz Fine Minerals E8 Mineral Decor E10 Stone Throne E12 Dan ZRock Shop E14 Chris Lohmann E16 Earth's Treasures Trading E1 Dimitriy Bielakovskiy E3 Patrick Arkfeld E5 Russian Stones E7 Shuki Sirakov E9 Jonathan Feigin E11 Yury Pustov E13 Enchanted Minerals E15 Ignat Baraxhin
Building F
1881 N Oracle Road, Tucson, Arizona 85705, USA
Oracle St Plata St WCWCWCWC F1 F2 The Mineral Showcase (F1-F2) Rocky Houndenstein F3 Jackson Gruta F4 Multigemas Brazil Food Truck
Building SG (Mineral Village)
1801 N Oracle Road, Tucson, Arizona 85705, USA
L ester St O r acle St SG3 UK Mining Ventures SG4 Cornerstone Minerals & Pachamama Minerals SG5 Cornerstone Minerals & Pachamama Minerals SG6 TJ's Rocks SG7 Pinnacle 5 Minerals SG8 Lehigh Minerals & Mineral Exploration SG9 Pu Tzu Minerals SG10 Veronica Matthews Minerals SG11 Collector's Edge (wholesale) SG1 Kristalle SG2 Keweenaw Gem & Gift SG12 Collector's Edge (wholesale) SG13 Sun Gemstone WC
Dealers alphabetical list
(click booth number to find room location on the map)
Alvaro Lucio Minerals (#B6)Anton Watzl Minerals (#D27-D29)Axinite (#D9)Bruce Wood Minerals (#D21)Cal Graeber (#C15-C17)Chris Lohmann (#E14)
Collector's Edge (#A9, SG11, SG12)
Cornerstone Minerals (#SG4, SG5)CRISTALLI by Ricardo Prato (#A13B)Dave Bunk (#A4)Dennis Beals Minerals (#B3)Dimitriy Bielakovskiy (#E1)DMS Collective (#D42)Earth Treasures Trading (#E16)Enchanted Minerals (#E13)Escaut Minerals (#D17)Foxtail Gallery (#D24-D26)Geo Rocks (#B4)Geofil (#B11)
Geonica (#C13, D10)
Grateful Earth Minerals (#C2)
IC Minerals (#C15-C17)
Ignat Baraxhin (#E15)Investments from Earth (#D2)J-Cubed Fine Minerals (#D20)Jackson Gruta (#F3)Jonathan Mineral Exchange (#B10)
KARP Mining (#D14-D16)
Keweenaw Gem & Gift (#SG2)Kristalle (#SG1)Lehigh Minerals (#SG8)
Leonard Himes (#C15-C17)
Lithographie (#A4)Little Big Stone (#D7)
Mexican Minerals (#E2)Mineral Angel (#B12, B14)Mineral Decor (#E8)Mineral Exploration (#SG8)
Mintang (#D38)
Mountain Minerals (#B3)Pachamama Minerals (#SG4, SG5)Patrick Arkfeld (#E3)Persson Rare Minerals (#D4)Pohl Demetrious (#D28-D30)Pu Tzu Minerals (#SG9)Qixing Minerals (#B9)Reel Amethyst Mine (#D40)Rock 3000 (#C5)Rocko Minerals (#D18)Rocky Houndenstein (#F1-F2)Rudolph Minerals (#D31)Russian Stones (#E5)Schwartz Fine Minerals (#E4-E6)Shannon and Son's Minerals (#D23-D25)Shicheng Minerals (#D44)Shuki Sirakov (#E7)Stone Throne LLC (#E10)
Stonetrust (#C7-C9)
Sun Gemstone (#SG13)The Mineral Showcase (#F1-F2)TJ's Rocks (#SG6)UK Mining Ventures (#SG3)Unique Minerals (#D22-D37)Valenzuela's Minerals (#D12)Veronica Matthews Minerals (#SG10)
Viettiminerals (#D5, D15)
WeMinerals (#B8)Wendy's Minerals (#A3)Yury Pustov (#E11)Zac Bell (#B5)
The Mineral City Show
Jan 27 - Feb 11, 2023
516 & 532 W Lester Street and 445 & 525 & 531 W Plata Street, Tucson Arizona 85705, USA
   Over 120 dealers in Mineral City Show
   Over 200 dealers in walking distance 
   The only show with an onsite mineral preparation lab
        and custom acrylic base service
Many dealers will be open early. Check with individual dealers for their schedule.
Throughout the offcial show dates all dealers will be open from 10.00 to 18.00.